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Buy artwork | Dive into life 100x100 cm

Buy artwork | Dive into life 100x100 cm

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Buy an artwork by an emerging artist now and support the art scene. Everyone should buy a beautiful artwork for their home at least once in their life. Buying an artwork is a rewarding experience that brings your premises to life. Buy an artwork as a gift for someone who deserves to be admired. Show your courage for individuality and buy a unique artwork that nobody else owns and inspires you every day.

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Information about abstract artwork "Dive into life"

  • Original artwork (2023)
  • Abstract acrylic artwork on canvas
  • Size 100x100 cm
  • 4,5 cm deep gallery canvas
  • Sides are black painted
  • Signature on the backside
  • Artwork is ready to hang

Give your premises a personal touch! The artwork will give your interior an incomparable sophistication. Buy the abstract painting "Dive into life" and get the unique piece home now.

My inspiration for this artwork

In 2019, when I fell into a deep crisis, I painfully realised how difficult it is to accept life in all its facets. The dark times seemed to overwhelm me and I felt estranged from the world.

Since then, I have tried to immerse myself in life again and again and to perceive all facets of my existence with all my senses. The dynamic structure of the painting reflects my inner turmoil - the unsteady lines and shapes represent the struggle between light and darkness within me. From the gentle waves at the beginning to the powerful swirls in the centre, each line and curve tells a story of vibrancy and movement.

The blue tones dominate the artwork - they symbolise calm and peace as well as the flow of life itself. The gold, on the other hand, stands for bliss and fulfilment. These two colours form a strong contrast to each other - just like the highs and lows of my own life's journey.

To give the painting additional vibrancy, I have deliberately added some bright colour accents under the textures. They symbolise moments of joy, love or simply small moments of happiness in everyday life - those moments that remind us how precious life is.

Overall, the artwork embodies my personal journey of self-discovery and growth. It shows the process of how I have learnt to embrace and appreciate life in all its facets. The painting represents the hope that other people can be inspired by my story - it should encourage us to welcome all ups and downs with open arms. This is the only way to find true fulfilment.

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