Venice's treasures: How the lagoon city inspires my art

Explore new perspectives - get power and energy from abstract art

During my last trip to Venice and the region, I have collected many inspirations for my abstract artworks. This lagoon city always gives me new strength and energy, which I can incorporate into my artwork. It's a place that always refills me with new energy. There's an unbelievable flair and atmosphere in the city, and it's just indescribably beautiful.

I can really recommend that you take a few days to relax from your stressful everyday life and travel to Venice. It's absolutely fascinating and definitely worth it. The city has so much to see, from the famous canals and bridges to the historic buildings and churches.

Venice's art scene: inspiration for my abstract artwork

Venice's art scene is also very vibrant and inspiring. I had the opportunity to visit some of the best museums in Venice, including the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and the Accademia Gallery.

A boat ride through the lagoon takes you along small islands where craftsmen make their products or grow vineyards. But it isn't just Venice itself that offers many opportunities for artistic expression

Also the surrounding countryside has its very own charm with pictorial villages, soft hilly landscapes and breathtaking stretches of coastline.

I have always been fascinated by the narrow streets, the beautiful bridges and canals, and the impressive architecture of the buildings. I love strolling through the streets and finding new inspiration for my artworks.

It fills me with joy and gratitude to present my artwork "Azure" to the Art&Park Hotel Union Lido ****S, where I always stay during my trips.

I will definitely return to Venice - not only because of my love for painting, but because I feel especially comfortable in places that are marked by history and culture.

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