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Discover a new world full of talented artists with Singulart ! Immerse yourself in the fascinating online art gallery and be inspired by creative works. Find unique paintings that will touch your senses and enrich your spaces .

About Singulart - the online art gallery representing artists in over 110 countries

The diversity of art on Singulart: Discover unique works by talented artists from all over the world. Since its founding in 2017, the online art gallery Singulart has developed into an internationally renowned platform and is now represented in over 110 countries around the world . With a wide range of styles and techniques, the online gallery offers art lovers worldwide the opportunity to purchase inspiring masterpieces directly from the artists.

The concept behind Singulart is to build a bridge between artists and collectors by allowing them to connect with each other and share their passion for art together . Every artwork on the platform has been carefully selected to ensure that only high quality work is presented.

Whether painting, photography or sculpture - at Singulart everyone will find their personal favorite work of art . Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of contemporary art and discover new artistic talents as well as established names. Expand your horizons with artistic interpretations of various themes and be inspired by creative visions.

What is special about Singulart is not only the diversity of artists and styles represented, but also the commitment to quality and authenticity . Each work is carefully selected to ensure it meets the art platform's high standards . This not only promotes artistic diversity, but also strengthens the connection between artists and art collectors.

Through its global presence , Singulart helps enrich the international art scene and support innovative talent . As a visitor or potential buyer, you have the opportunity to be inspired by fascinating works of art and become part of a global community of art collectors . Immerse yourself in the world of art!

The Singulart art gallery supports emerging artists

Singulart's support of emerging artists is an important contribution to promoting talent in the art world. Especially at a time when it is often difficult for young artists to gain a foothold and present their works to a wide audience, Singulart offers a valuable platform. Through targeted marketing measures and collaboration with renowned art galleries , emerging artists are enabled to present their works of art to an international audience .

By giving talented artists a chance to present themselves and become known, Singulart is helping to breathe new life into the art landscape . The diversity of styles and techniques shows the potential of young talent and inspires both collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Through close collaboration with the artists, the platform not only creates sales opportunities for their works, but also promotes exchange between established artists and newcomers. This creates a lively community of creative minds who learn from and support each other.

Discover a diverse selection of artists and art styles on Singulart

In the field of contemporary art, there are a variety of movements and styles that are presented on Singulart . From abstract art to realistic portraits to surreal landscapes - there is something here to suit every taste. What is particularly impressive is the large number of female artists who present their works on the platform. With 49% of female artists, their proportion is well above the average in the art world.

The variety of techniques and genres allows you to get to know completely new sides of art and be inspired. Whether you're a fan of acrylic painting or prefer to admire digital artwork , you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for on Singulart. Immerse yourself in the world of creative creators and discover exciting works that touch your senses.

The wide selection of artists also gives you the opportunity to get to know different perspectives and forms of expression. Let yourself be carried away by the individual stories behind the works and delve deeper into the world of contemporary art .

There you will not only find artworks to buy , but also a community of like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas. Expand your horizons and discover the variety of artists and styles on Singulart !

Singulart can inspire art lovers and art collectors to meet new artists

On Singulart you have the opportunity to discover fascinating artists and their works . Immerse yourself in a world full of creative diversity and be inspired by the latest trends . With your personalized feed you are always up to date on current artworks and developments.

Whether you are already a passionate art collector or just have an interest in the art world , Singulart has the perfect one for you Platform to live your passion. Browse through different styles , techniques and subject areas and find exactly the work that makes your heart beat faster. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know talented artists . Your journey through the world of art begins here on Singulart - be there!

How you can become part of Singulart as an artist - my experience report

As a budding artist, you probably want to know how you can become part of Singulart . This step can be crucial in exposing your art to a larger audience and opening up new opportunities for your career. That's why it's important that you inform yourself carefully and prepare.

First, you should select some of your best artworks that best represent your talent and artistic vision . These should have high-quality photos so that they can be optimally presented on the platform. A strong portfolio is key to engaging potential buyers and generating interest in your work.

In addition, it is important to create an appealing artist profile in which you authentically present yourself and your work. Describe your creative approach, inspiring influences, and previous experiences as an artist. Show viewers who you are and what sets you apart as an artist.

These measures will help you make a positive impression and attract attention on Singulart . Make the most of this opportunity and show the world your unique artistic perspective !

My profile on Singulart as an artist

Follow this link to go directly to my Singulart profile .

As an alternative, I would like to invite you to my own artist website , where I present over 100 different paintings . There you will find a large selection of abstract artworks that can beautify your spaces.

In addition, you can find out more about me as an artist in my blog - from my inspirations to my path to painting . Immerse yourself in my world of colors and shapes and let yourself be inspired!

It is very important to me that every single picture is created with great attention to detail . Each work tells its own story and can also give your home a special atmosphere .

So don't hesitate and check out my artist website ! I look forward to finding the right artwork for you together. Switch to Sabine Runge Painting’s shop now.


Sabine Runge, abstract artist from Munich

Sabine Runge, an artist from Munich, has dedicated her life to abstract art since 2020. For her, art means freedom - the opportunity to express her feelings and messages in a unique way. Each of her artworks tells a story and gives an insight into her very personal perspective.

Sabine uses a variety of techniques and materials to bring her visions to life in vivid artworks. Her paintings are a powerful expression of passion and individuality, she wants to touch, inspire and inspire people to reflection.

Sabine is a compelling artist with a clear vision of what she wants to achieve with her work - this is clearly expressed.

More about me

Close-up of the gold plating

Exclusive plating of the artworks with 24-carat gold leaf

The collection "Noble Shine" combines abstract artworks with a touch of luxury. Its use of genuine 24 carat gold and/or silver leaf emphasises the sophisticated structure and gives each painting a unique touch. These artworks radiate a powerful and positive energy, making them real eye-catchers in any room.

Be inspired by the abstract, expressive and impressive acrylic paintings by Munich artist Sabine Runge.

Exclusively available here - secure your own unique piece now!

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