Sabine Runge, abstract artist from Munich

Sabine Runge, abstract artist from Munich

Sabine Runge is a visual artist from Germany, who is specialized in abstract acrylic artworks. The self-taught artist, born in Munich in 1989, has dedicated her life to art and experiences the expressiveness of her art as a mirror of the soul. Her talent and passion for details gives her works exclusivity and brilliance.

"Those who sourround themselves with art open their souls for a better world."

Sabine Runge, abstract artist from Munich

The unique abstract artworks have already been exhibited internationally. With some experienced art collectors, the artworks have been met with great interest. Her unique artistic compositions with multifaceted, lively structures can be found in private collections worldwide.

The strength of her artistic style appeals to people's senses and touches their hearts. The authenticity of her artistic artworks is deeply entering into the emotional experience of the viewer.

Sabine Runge's paintings are traded nationally and internationally.

What does Sabine Runge want to express with her artworks?

All shades of the expressive ocean-like color palette range from deep ultramarine blue to sky-like azure blue and reflect her deep longing and love for the sea and the endlessness of the horizon. In her imposing visual worlds, the conscious and the unconscious merge, taking the viewer with her into the inspirations and emotions of the artistic creative process.

The colors, brushstrokes, textures, and depth of her artworks invites the viewer to dive into another world. Runge's artworks are intended to inspire one to question one's own being and to find the depth of one's self. Each of her unique artworks follows a thought, a question or an emotion.

Will the viewer connect this expression with his own personality?

Momentum - the fabulous magic of the moment, when we let go, sit back, take a break and dive into the composition.