FAQ by Sabine Runge Painting

How do you ship my artwork safely?

The artwork will be shipped securely in a specially custom made wooden transportbox. The tracking ID will be sent to the customer.

How do you handle the shipping worldwide (outside of Europe)?

Delivery costs for your artwork will be calculated at checkout.

Delivery, import taxes and fees for non-european countries are not included in the sales price and are responsibility of the buyer.

How do you handle the shipping with Europe?

Delivery and the wooden transport box for your artwork is free of charge for you. My special service for my amazing art collectors.

Exhibitions and Collaborations

I'm always interested in exhibition opportunities and collaboration offers. One of my main goals is to touch the hearts of the people worldwide with my paintings. All opportunities to present my abstract original artworks are very welcome. I'll be happy if you contact me if you have any idea.

Which material do you use?

For all my paintings I use only high quality materials specialized for professional artists. The main medium is acrylic paint and self-mixed structure paste for many of my artworks. Some of my paintings are finished with original 24 carat leaf gold, which made a very exclusive and brillant touch on the canvas.

Is the artwork ready to hang?

Yes, the artworks are delivered with hanging mounted.

Do you teach or share tutorials of the painting process?

No, not atthe moment. I'm a self-taught artist and have learned my art step by step exploring colors, materials and different equipment. I would like to give anyone who would like to learn art the advice to explore your own way. Try new things and have fun is the bestway to do it. 

Art is a lifetime journey which never ends.

I share some insights of my artistlife and the painting process on my Instagram account @sabine_runge_painting