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Painting for sale | Midnight Fever 100x100 cm

Painting for sale | Midnight Fever 100x100 cm

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Buy an artwork by an emerging artist now and support the art scene. Everyone should buy a beautiful piece of art for their home at least once in their life. Buying a painting is a rewarding experience that brings your premises to life. Buy an artwork as a gift for someone who deserves to be admired. Show your courage for individuality and buy a unique painting that nobody else owns and inspires you every day.

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Information about abstract painting "Midnight Fever"

  • Original artwork (2022)
  • Abstract acrylic painting on canvas
  • Size 100x100 cm
  • 4,5 cm deep gallery canvas
  • Sides are black painted
  • Signature on the backside
  • Artwork is ready to hang

Give your premises a touch of exclusivity and individuality - because nothing is more important than a place where you feel good. Buy the abstract artwork "Midnight Fever" and get the unique piece for your home now!

My inspiration for this painting

It was at night and I felt the magic that lay in the darkness and made the world appear in a different light. For me it was a moment of inspiration that made me realize my artistic idea.

I started with a blank canvas and let my thoughts and emotions flow and drip the colors, spraying them on and scraping them off again. Overwhelmingly, I worked with brushes, sponges and palette knives to create a variety of textures and translate mood and emotion into color.

A deep indigo blue symbolizes the darkness that surrounds us, while the turquoise and white highlights represent the lights of the night. To add more life to the painting, I sprayed turquoise metallic on the canvas, which is shimmering in the darkness.

For me, the night is a symbol of origin, of everything chaotic, disorderly and unknown. Above all, it is the space from which everything arose. So I have created a work of art that acts like a window into another world. A painting that captivates the viewer and takes him on a journey into the unknown.

My abstract painting is an invitation to engage with the unknown, to be swept away by the fascination of chaos and disorder. It is a reminder that life is full of surprises and that we should always engage in something new.

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