Tips for buying paintings for art lovers in Berlin

In a world flooded with visual stimuli, abstract art opens up a whole new and invigorating perspective for you. It not only invites you to take a deep look into your own emotions and thoughts, but also to reflect on them. Abstract paintings are timeless and challenge you as an art lover from Berlin to discover new perspectives .

But that's not all: By supporting talented artists, you have the opportunity to help young artists express their creativity and make their breakthrough.

Be inspired by a work of art that will give your premises in Berlin an exclusive touch

In a world that is becoming more and more overwhelmed by visual stimuli, abstract paintings offer a refreshing and unique way to expand our perception and discover new perspectives . Abstract art goes beyond aesthetic expression and offers space for self-reflection and interpretation - also for you as an art lover from Berlin. It is definitely worth getting involved in this fascinating art form .

What effect do abstract paintings have?

A special feature of abstract paintings is their ability to subtly evoke emotions . By moving away from traditional depictions of objects or people, abstract artworks give viewers the opportunity to reflect on their own feelings and thoughts . This gives you the chance to get something unique out of a work of art.

Through paintings you can broaden your horizons , express your emotions and gain new perspectives . Paintings go beyond the usual and challenge you as an art lover from Berlin to engage more deeply with their meaning.

You have the opportunity to interpret something unique in a painting. If you are attracted to the artwork, it reflects your soul. Each viewing of the artwork can change your interpretation . This personal approach to art creates a space for thought and self-reflection .

Why it is worth it for you to buy a painting

For art lovers from Berlin, it is worth purchasing abstract paintings because they are timeless and endure regardless of current trends. By purchasing a painting, you also support the cultural scene.

Overall, the acquisition of works of art brings both financial and personal benefits to all involved. This ensures that works of art remain valuable and inspiring for future generations .

Support young artists regionally in Berlin - or worldwide

When you purchase a painting, you also contribute to supporting young artists. In today's digitalized and fast-paced world, it is often a challenge to discover and support emerging talent. By purchasing their art, you enable them to develop and reach their full potential .

Young artists are often very open to life and society. They bring with them new ideas , innovative techniques and unconventional approaches .

What are the benefits for you as an art lover from Berlin if you invest in up-and-coming artists?

Investing in up-and-coming artists offers additional advantages: their paintings are often more attractively priced than works by renowned artists on the art market. This means that experienced art collectors as well as art-loving buyers from Berlin can acquire high-quality abstract paintings without having to spend a fortune.

Buying paintings by emerging artists always carries with it the possibility of potential appreciation . As these artists make a name for themselves and become well known, the value of their early works increases considerably.

There is a chance that unique paintings that are not currently highly valued could attract the interest of art collectors around the world in the future. If this is the case, you can benefit financially. Overall, acquiring paintings presents an extremely advantageous situation - both financially and personally .

Buying a painting is multifaceted: emotions, inspiration and investment

It is of great importance to purchase paintings and support promising artists. This gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons , awaken emotions and discover new perspectives . As an art lover from Berlin, you benefit both financially and personally from abstract works of art.

Take the next step

Hello! I am Sabine Runge and since 2020 abstract art has been my great passion and therapeutic tool. Discover some of my paintings in the next section and get to know me personally as an artist. Feel free to browse my online shop to explore my full range of artworks.

If you would like to have your own unique painting commissioned by me or if you have any questions, please write to me in the chat. I look forward to your message, which I will answer within 24 hours.

Discover the full range of my artworks!

Discover more of my artworks in my online shop. Refine your rooms with my art and be inspired in the long term . Treat yourself to luxury !


Abstract art: Sabine Runge from Munich

Get to know me as an artist

My name is Sabine Runge and I am an artist from Munich. Since 2020 I have dedicated my life to abstract art. A deep life crisis sparked my passion for art and I use art as a therapeutic tool.

For me, art means unlimited freedom - the opportunity to express my feelings and messages on canvas in a unique way. Each of my paintings tells a story and gives insight into my very personal perspective.

I work primarily with brushes, palette knives, sponges, acrylic paints and structural pastes to bring my visions to life in harmonious compositions on canvas. During the painting process, I often work with my bare hands directly on the artwork to build a connection and be particularly close to my work.

My artworks are my powerful expression of passion and loving craftsmanship. They bear my personal signature, which runs like a thread through my portfolio.

My goal is to touch, inspire and make people think with my art. My art should give other people hope and comfort, just as it gives me support and hope in the darkest moments of my life.

Art has changed my life forever – and can change your life forever too.