Buying original artworks - Why it's worth it

Artworks have been an important part of our lives since time began. They not only decorate our walls, but also enrich our lives in many different ways. But what drives people to buy artworks?

Why many people buy artworks

One of the main motivations is certainly the aesthetic beauty of an artwork. The colours, shapes and textures can touch us deeply and awaken emotions in us that we might not otherwise experience. Such a connection to an artwork can help us to look at our everyday lives from a new perspective and stimulate our creativity. Art can appeal to our senses and take us to another world. We look at a painting and are enchanted by the shapes and colours.

Buying artworks as an investment

Another reason for buying artworks is the opportunity to invest. Many people see art as a way to increase their wealth as it can increase in value over time. Some artists become more popular over the years and their works can become very valuable.

However, it's not always just about monetary gain - often buyers simply want to own a piece of history or be part of a particular cultural movement. For some people, social status also plays a role in the purchase of artworks. Owning original paintings can be seen as a sign of wealth and prestige.

Buying original artworks based on your own values or preferences

And then there are those people who buy artworks to express their own ideals and convictions. They specifically look for paintings which reflect their world view or convey political messages.

In addition to these reasons, there are many other factors that can contribute to the purchase of art. For example, personal taste or an interest in certain themes or styles can be a deciding factor.

Regardless of the reason we buy art, there is no doubt that it enriches our lives. It can inspire us and help us to develop our own creativity. By owning artwork, we can also connect with others.

Buying artworks also means: enriching and inspiring your life

Regardless of the reason for acquiring an artwork , one thing is certain: it can enrich and inspire your life. By owning an artwork, we can learn about a particular era or culture and expand our knowledge. But we can also simply enjoy being enchanted by the colours and shapes of a painting.

Whether as an investment or simply for the joy of art, buying artworks can enrich our lives and inspire us. When we choose the paitntings of a talented artist like Sabine Runge, we can be sure that we are buying something unique and valuable.

The artist Sabine Runge has the talent to create artworks that combine all these aspects. Her works are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also full of meaning and symbolism. She invites the viewer to engage with her artworks and find their own interpretations.

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