Lindau on Lake Constance and Konstanz: Buying an artwork as a lucrative decision

Paintings not only fulfill an aesthetic function in our own spaces, but also serve as an expression of our individual identity. They convey messages and have the ability to evoke strong emotions. It is unfortunate that prejudices about buying art are still widespread. It is often argued that art is too expensive, has an elitist character or is difficult to understand. It's worth investing in artworks from both a financial and emotional perspective. Young emerging artists show considerable potential and offer early investment opportunities.

It is of great importance to seek individual advice before purchasing a painting . Thanks to this support, you have the opportunity to choose the ideal artwork for your space and benefit from it long-term. In the following section I will go into detail about the advantageous aspects of purchasing art and explain why buying a unique piece is worthwhile, and not just from an artistic perspective. This applies in particular to all art enthusiasts in Lindau am Bodensee , Konstanz and the region.

Exclusivity instead of mainstream: Why artworks are a valuable purchase for art collectors from Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding area

It may seem at first that buying paintings is an expensive pleasure reserved only for wealthy collectors or art experts. However, there are numerous convincing arguments that make it clear that buying artworks can be beneficial for everyone. For one thing, art can be an incredible source of inspiration and creativity. When you explore different types of art, you learn new perspectives and are encouraged to develop your own creative side.

Art collections: The must-have for art lovers in Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding area

An artwork is primarily a unique and individual painting that conveys a special message or emotion. Compared to machine-made items, each painting, sculpture or photograph has individual artistic value and reveals a personal story. Purchasing such a work allows the buyer not only to enjoy the beauty of the unique piece , but also to become part of a comprehensive cultural experience. In addition to these advantages, there is also a further aspect: the purchase of original artworks directly supports the work of the artists and their livelihood security in the field of fine art . This is particularly important for young talents - because without the support of art collectors their creative work would often not be possible.

Why early support for young artists is worthwhile

Over time, the value of paintings may increase, as many renowned artists become celebrities posthumously. It is of great importance to invest in promising young talent early on as this can potentially lead to a significant increase in value.

There are numerous examples of how inconspicuous paintings can suddenly acquire a high financial value after many years. The quality of an artwork  is another aspect that significantly influences its value. It's not just about the craftsmanship, but also about the originality and expressiveness of the work. These factors play a crucial role in evaluating artistic value.

Experience art up close: Abstract paintings for discerning art collectors in Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding area

A fascinating facet of fine art is abstract art . It is characterized by its unconventional manner of representation and encourages the viewer to find their own interpretations. Abstract paintings forgo realistic depictions of objects and instead focus on colors, shapes and lines. This type of art allows artists to express their feelings and ideas in an expressive way. Abstract art has produced many important artists throughout history and continues to influence the modern art scene today. Unlike other paintings , the aim of abstract artworks is not to reflect or imitate external reality. Instead, their focus is on the emotional impact and atmosphere they want to convey. They deliberately do not use clear shapes and thus offer the viewer from Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the region a wide scope for interpretation.

Abstract art allows artists to freely and unrestrictedly express their emotions and thoughts using different colors, lines and textures. The design options for artworks are diverse: They can be designed with an energetic dynamic or in a calm manner. The choice of style depends on the artist's intentions.

Stylish, individual, ingenious: Why art lovers from Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding area should rely on paintings by Sabine Runge

Sabine Runge, a talented and versatile artist from Ottobrunn near Munich , has earned an excellent reputation in the art scene since 2020. Her impressive works testify to her creative talent and exceptional talent. With passion and dedication, she creates unique paintings that captivate viewers. Sabine's ability to master different styles and techniques gives her work remarkable variety and originality. Her artworks are already valued by collectors worldwide .

It fills her with great joy to learn that her enthusiasm reaches people all over the world - even as far as Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding areas.

Perfect art for your home: Individual advice before purchasing art in Lindau on Lake Constance, Konstanz and the surrounding area

I offer you a unique and tailor-made service where I personally carry out tours in Lindau am Bodensee, Konstanz and the surrounding areas. I personally present paintings selected by you directly in your home, so that you can not only get to know the works, but also get an idea of ​​how they could unfold in your home.

The artistic charisma of a painting is of great importance, but its harmonious integration into the surroundings is just as crucial. By allowing interested parties to view the artwork in person, they have the opportunity to be convinced of its quality and to find out whether it really fits their own living environment. A direct exchange with the artist also provides valuable insights into his creative working methods as well as background information on the history of the creation of the painting in question.

This creates a stronger bond between potential buyers and the work. Thanks to this individual advice, I can ensure that each painting is perfectly tailored to the respective room.


Sabine Runge, abstract artist from Munich

Sabine Runge, an artist from Munich, has dedicated her life to abstract art since 2020. For her, art means freedom - the opportunity to express her feelings and messages in a unique way. Each of her artworks tells a story and gives an insight into her very personal perspective.

Sabine uses a variety of techniques and materials to bring her visions to life in vivid artworks. Her paintings are a powerful expression of passion and individuality, she wants to touch, inspire and inspire people to reflection.

Sabine is a compelling artist with a clear vision of what she wants to achieve with her work - this is clearly expressed.

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Close-up of the gold plating

Exclusive plating of the artworks with 24-carat gold leaf

The collection "Noble Shine" combines abstract artworks with a touch of luxury. Its use of genuine 24 carat gold and/or silver leaf emphasises the sophisticated structure and gives each painting a unique touch. These artworks radiate a powerful and positive energy, making them real eye-catchers in any room.

Be inspired by the abstract, expressive and impressive acrylic paintings by Munich artist Sabine Runge.

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