Tips for buying paintings for art enthusiasts from Salzburg

As an art lover from Salzburg, you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons through abstract art, which opens up a fresh and completely new perspective . Abstract paintings allow you not only to gain insight into your own emotions and ideas, but also to reflect on them. These works of art are timeless and challenge you to discover new ways of seeing.

But that's not all: By supporting artistic talent , you can help young artists to develop their creativity and achieve their breakthrough .

Be inspired by a work of art that will give your premises in Salzburg an exclusive touch

As an art lover from Salzburg, in a world that is increasingly overwhelmed by visual impressions, you can find in abstract paintings a refreshing and unique way to expand your perception and discover new perspectives. Abstract art is not only a form of aesthetic expression , but also a medium for self-reflection and interpretation. There is undoubtedly great value in immersing yourself in this fascinating art form.

How do abstract paintings affect the viewer?

As an art collector from Salzburg, you have the unique opportunity to evoke subtle emotions through abstract paintings. These works of art distance themselves from traditional representations of objects or people and allow you to reflect your own feelings and thoughts .

This gives you the chance to take something very special from a work of art. Paintings allow you to broaden your horizons , express your feelings and gain new perspectives. These works of art go beyond the boundaries of the familiar and challenge you to think deeply about their interpretation .

You have the unique opportunity to interpret something unique in a painting. When you are drawn to a work of art, it reflects your soul. Each time you look at the work of art, your interpretation may change . This personal approach to art creates a space for reflection and self-discovery.

Why it is worth it for you to buy a painting

There is a compelling reason why it is worth it for you to purchase abstract paintings: their timeless beauty , which exists regardless of current trends. By purchasing such a work of art, you are also contributing to the promotion of the cultural scene.

The acquisition of works of art is extremely beneficial for everyone involved, both financially and personally . This ensures that the works of art retain their value and inspiration for future generations.

Support young artists regionally in Salzburg - or worldwide

When you purchase a painting, you have the unique opportunity to not only purchase a work of art, but also to support young, up-and-coming artists. In today's digitalized and fast-paced world, it is often a challenge to discover promising talent and give them the targeted support they need. By purchasing their artwork, you enable these young artists to develop further and reach their full potential.

Today's young artists are often very open-minded towards life and society. They bring new ideas , innovative techniques and unconventional approaches to their works of art. By purchasing, you not only support these talented artists, but also help to bring diversity and fresh impulses into the world of art.

Be part of this fascinating journey by purchasing a painting while supporting emerging artists. Discover new perspectives and let their creative energy enrich your collection.

What are the benefits for you as an art lover from Salzburg if you invest in up-and-coming artists?

Investing in emerging artists offers you many additional benefits: Often, their paintings are more attractively priced than artworks by renowned names on the market. This allows both experienced art collectors and art-loving buyers from Salzburg to acquire high-quality abstract paintings without having to spend a fortune. When purchasing paintings by emerging artists, there is always the possibility of potential appreciation . Once these artists make their way and gain notoriety, the value of their early works increases significantly.

There is even a chance that currently undervalued unique pieces could attract the interest of art collectors worldwide in the future. If this happens, you can benefit financially. Overall, purchasing paintings offers an extremely advantageous situation - both financially and personally .

Be part of this exciting journey and discover the works of emerging artists. Your commitment not only supports emerging talent, but also offers you the opportunity to own unique works of art and potentially benefit from their increases in value. Make a smart investment decision and enrich your own art collection at the same time.

Buying a painting is multifaceted: emotions, inspiration and investment

Buying paintings and supporting promising artists is of great importance to you as an art lover from Salzburg. In addition to the opportunity to broaden your horizons, arouse emotions and discover new perspectives , you benefit both financially and personally from abstract works of art. By immersing yourself in the fascinating world of art , you can not only enrich your own collection, but also support the art scene and make a contribution to promoting talented artists.

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Hallo! Ich bin Sabine Runge und seit 2020 ist abstrakte Kunst meine große Leidenschaft und therapeutisches Werkzeug. Entdecken Sie im nächsten Abschnitt einige meiner Gemälde und lernen Sie mich persönlich als Künstlerin kennen. Durchstöbern Sie gerne meinen Onlineshop, um meine vollständige Kunstpalette zu erkunden.

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Sabine Runge from Munich

Get to know me

My name is Sabine Runge and I'm an artist from Munich. I have dedicated my life to abstract art since 2020. A deep life crisis sparked my passion for art and I use art as a therapeutic tool.

For me, art means unlimited freedom - the opportunity to express my feelings and messages on canvas in a unique way. Each of my artworks tells a story and gives an insight into my own personal perspective.

I work primarily with brushes, palette knives, sponges, acrylic paints and textured pastes to bring my visions to life in harmonious compositions on canvas. During the painting process, I also often work with my bare hands directly on the painting to create a connection and be especially close to my work.

My works are my powerful expression of passion and loving craftsmanship. They bear my personal signature, which runs like a red line through my portfolio.

My aim is to touch, inspire and make people think with my art. My art should give other people hope and comfort, just as it gives me support and hope in the darkest moments of my life.

Art has changed my life forever - and it can change your life too.