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Buy artwork | Tropical Garden 120x120 cm

Buy artwork | Tropical Garden 120x120 cm

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Buy an artwork by an emerging artist now and support the art scene. Everyone should buy a beautiful artwork for their home at least once in their life. Buying an artwork is a rewarding experience that brings your premises to life. Buy an artwork as a gift for someone who deserves to be admired. Show your courage for individuality and buy a unique artwork that nobody else owns and inspires you every day.

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Information about abstract artwork "Tropical Garden"

  • Original artwork (2024)
  • Abstract acrylic artwork on canvas
  • Size 120x120 cm
  • 4,5 cm deep gallery canvas
  • Sides are black painted
  • Signature on the backside
  • Artwork is ready to hang

Sabine Runge enlivens your rooms with her artworks and takes you into a world full of beauty and creativity. Purchase the unique artwork "Tropical Garden" and bring this unique painting home now!

My inspiration for this artwork

The artwork "Tropical Garden" radiated a refreshing atmosphere that transported me to a tropical garden while I was painting. The combination of different shades of green and blue lent the artwork an incredible vibrancy. The green-blue tones of the piece seemed like a breath of freshness and purity. They reminded me of the lush green of the lush plants in the jungle and the clear blue of the ocean. It felt like standing right in front of a beautiful waterfall or walking through dense palm forests.

However, the powerful colour accents within the artwork are especially impressive. In my mind, a bright yellow parrot was sitting on a tree branch and its colourful feathers seemed to radiate. Next to it was a red hibiscus flower whose intense colour literally jumped out at me. These strong colour accents formed a wonderful contrast to the soft green tones of the background and the calm blue tones of the water in the foreground. This created an exciting visual effect that captivates the eye and allows new details to be discovered time and again.

Overall, the painting evokes a deep longing for far-away countries and exotic landscapes. The refreshing green-blue tones and the powerful colour accents give the artwork an incomparable expressiveness that touched me deeply. As I painted, it felt like I was immersing myself in this beautiful tropical garden, taking in all its beauty with every breath.

Every time I look at the "Tropical Garden", I feel a sense of adventure and inner peace at the same time. It is a place of relaxation and dreaming at the same time. This work epitomises the beauty of our natural world and the human ability to bring it to life through art.

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