My story as an artist

From burnout to abstract art 

It all started with a feeling that has stuck with me to this day.

At the absolute lowest point of my life in 2019, after my burnout, I discovered my passion for abstract art in a clinic. I hadn't painted since I was a child. What I could somehow still remember was this indescribable feeling of not having to do anything and not to think about anything.

I could immerse myself in another world. But I was still so far from being free. I started to feel the stress of an office job again and it ended up with a jobloss. I felt finally free.  

New start by Sabine Runge

My art always gave me the strength to keep going on, even though it was often very hard. I continue to be in a long healing process.

Because of the great interest in my work from all over the world, the vision was born to become a freelance artist for abstract acrylic artworks. The intention, the inspiration, the urge for independence and the desire for self-realisation as well as autonomy grew

A return to a stressful professional life in an office job was unthinkable for me. From my small flat near Munich, I send my artworks all over the world.  

Passion grows to abstract art

It means a lot to me when I can touch people's hearts with my art. At the same time, I want to make these mental health problems more visible which have been part of oursociety for a long time.  

I stand by my life story and my experiences and I can say today that I’m so grateful for these very hard experiences despite everything. They have changed my view of life and the world forever.

Believe in your dreams 

I want to encourage all people, healthy or sick, young or old, to follow the path oftheir heart. I know that insecurities, fears, setbacks and difficult thoughts often hold you back. Believe in your dreams and they can come true.

There is so much more strength in us than we think. 

Open your heart.


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